Community, Teaching, Exchanges. 

The community comprises companies, professionals, students and the MBA Digital-executive business network 

Businesses in all sectors need immediately operational skills in all 2.0 trades: Data-base, Cloud, Analytics, Metadata, Blockchain, Business Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, Robots. 

Professionals :

Professionals, DSOs, developers, data analysts, themselves confronted with the constant pace of innovation and with obligations of results are also teachers. These professionals animate networks, enrich practices, experiment knowledge and document experiences. 

Students :

Students offer a set of profiles whose diversity of origins and initial training constitute a valuable resource for companies. Once graduated from the MBA Digital-Executive, they enrich a strong professional business network.

Network :

The business network, the educational team and the participants form together a sharing community. That's why this community is not the sum of the participants but the product of the talents of each of them. The community is one of the pillars of pedagogy. Its exchanges are formalized according the uses 2.0: digital platform of the school, pro web sites of the participants, alumni website. 

This information feeds the business intelligence of the MBA Digital-executive. Both directory and social network, the website dedicated to the MBA is a documentary base, a place of exchange, institutional communication, information.